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Monday, May 20, 2019

Office 365 ProPlus and Proofing Tools

This is a quick post about a question I often get – How do we install extra Proofing tools together with Office 365 ProPlus?

In the early days of Office 365 C2R we did not have the option to install individual Proofing tools with Office Deployment Tool (ODT).

But if we have a look at selected changes to ODT we will notice the following:

Version 16.0.11107.33602

  • Resolves an issue which may have prevented installation of Proofing Tools or Language Packs.

Version 16.0.9119.3601

  • Added the ability to install individual C2R proofing tools packages with or after initial install.

This means that we are able to install extra proofing tools together with Office 365 ProPlus by customizing the configuration file.

Unfortunately we cannot use the Office Customization Tool to create the configuration file, because this feature is not yet available in that tool. So use a text editor.

In this example we will add Danish spellchecking together with an English installation of Office 365 C2R, add the following to the configuration XML file:

<Product ID="ProofingTools">
   <Language ID="da-dk" />

Here shown in Intune:


After installation of this application we can see that proofing tools for Danish was added:


If you download the source for distribution with SCCM, you will also get the bits:


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