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Monday, January 18, 2021

OneDrive Error message 0x80071129



When we buy license to use office365 services we have lots of collaboration possibilities. One of the great features is OneDrive. OneDrive gives us the possibilities to backup folders like desktop, documents and pictures what makes the life of working on multiple devices much easier. (e.g., some of this content was written on my iPhone while my device was rebooting and checking my disk)

Sometimes files lock and OneDrive cannot sync or work with the document. What can we do to solve that?

In this example NTFS permissions blew up and I had to fix it to delete the file.



  • Onedrive KFM configured
  • Reboot
  • Patience


Error message 


Your document is stuck. It cannot open, you cannot delete it, it cannot be renamed. Just stuck!


To fix the issue



Let’s have a good old CMD



chkdsk c: /F /R


Warning: before restarting your device consider if you have the time to wait, as it can take very long time depending on various parameters.

Reboot your device



And with that trick our file(s) are back online and ready to work with again.

To fix the issue using Endpoint Manager

Go to

Devices -> Windows -> PowerShell Scripts -> Add


Give it a documenting naming standard


Script can be downloaded here:

Build upon Ben Whitmore’s notification script but with some change in code, as I don’t want attachment to external files. Pictures are encoded.

Also borrowed code from Damien Van Robaeys which encode ServiceUI.exe for breaking out of system context, which was needed in this scenario.



Select a test group.

Click Add

If users have trouble syncing files as specified, add them to the assigned group and save time for your helpdesk by automating it.


User experience



Using OneDrive as backup and collaboration tool is superb. Sometimes things can go wrong, and we need to know how it can be solved.

Happy testing!


  1. Great script, however I'm having issues when running it from either SCCM scripts or even just the system context using psexec.
    I'm getting an 'Access is denied' error on line 80 of the toast_notifications.ps1 when it goes to invoke the toast notification. It seems this is a common issue with toast (e.g. Or am I missing something

  2. hmm strange! Are you not able to execute the script manually?

  3. First option with scanning and repairing disk works well :D
    Thank you for help, i get rid of this useless folder!

  4. You are most welcome. Glad it helped you :)

  5. Chkdsk upon resart solved it. Thanks!