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Monday, June 24, 2019

Edge Insider and group policy support

I have been using the Edge Insider (Chromium), for awhile and I am impressed.

You can find the download here, and not only for Windows 10 as shown here:


We now also have a preview of an admx file (Policy settings).

You can find the preview here

The admx file is attached as a zip file:


The current Edge policies in your GPO’s are not used with the insider versions:


After downloading and unpacking the zip file you will see msedge.admx and belonging adml file:


Copying admx and adml file to your central store, you will get new Edge policies:



After adding some policies you will be able to see the active policies by using the address edge://policy/ (just like Google Chrome Smile)


If you add a new policy the page will auto update and show the change, very nice.

For now I am missing support for Enterprise mode, but it should be added later.

So far Edge based on Chromium is very promising, it could very well be the preferred enterprise browser in the future.

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