Remote Help just became more secure

Microsoft Remote Help is a powerful tool that allows users to get technical support and assistance from your company’s IT Pros without leaving the comfort of their own homes or offices. With Microsoft Remote Help, users can connect remotely to a support technician who can troubleshoot, diagnose, and solve technical

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Feeding the Beast: Data Ingestion with Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel is a cloud-native security information and event management (SIEM) platform that enables organizations to collect, analyze, and respond to security events across their enterprise (for an introduction please see the first post in this series). Data ingestion is a critical component of the Sentinel platform, as it allows

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Report risky signins past 24 hours

Identity theft is a major concern for most companies. Complex Conditional Access rules/setups may unintentionally leave accounts without multifactor authenticaton. Another aspect of this “not following up” on the technical security features that is set up, is that every day tasks tends to take precedence over tasks that has an

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How to secure Windows 365 using a FIDO2 security key

Secure your Windows 365 Cloud PC(s) with Conditional Access and FIDO2 security keys. Introduction We have already written about FIDO2 security keys on several occasions (I will add the links below), which has inspired me to see how I could secure Windows 365 using Conditional Access and a FIDO2 security

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Passwordless using FIDO2 security key with HoloLens 2

Introduction Some time ago I was asked by FEITIAN if I would like to test their FIDO2 key. I said yes, because I am in a project where we will onboard Microsoft HoloLens’s in production, in that journey, we will make use of FIDO2 keys + Windows Hello for Business

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How to activate app lock on Microsoft Authenticator app

Microsoft Authenticator app has been around for a long time, originally released as beta in 2016. It has served us well with easier and safer access to our resources using Microsoft accounts as well as Azure AD accounts. By using the app, we can do two-factor authentication without the need

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Automatic bitlocker installation on Windows 10

  One of my top recommendations is to always encrypt fixed drives. This recommendation is even more relevant in a world where a large percentage of the workforce is mobile and carries around laptops with access to corporate data, or even worse has corporate data on their laptops. For this

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Privileged Identity Management – Custom Roles

As I have mentioned earlier, I believe and hope that Microsoft will be implementing more and more self service features in Azure. This is because I believe that automation and self service are key components in a secure infrastructure, simply because manuel processes often are bypassed or not followed correctly.

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Azure Sentinel

Since we have Azure Sentinel in preview, let’s give it a test spin. Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native security information and event manager (SIEM) platform that uses built-in AI to help analyze large volumes of data across the enterprise. Azure Sentinel aggregates data from a lot of sources, including users,

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Entitlement Management

Intro As a security consultant I have been working for several companies over the years and have dealt with numerous issues surrounding Identity Management. One of the recurring challenges has always been granting the right amount of access for the right amount of time. Especially the latter part has been

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Conditional Access

Securing cloud services against attacks requires a strong focus on identities. This is because cloud services, normally, is available from anywhere and access is often based on the login only. To address this threat, it is possible to implement extra layers to the login process, like Multi Factor Authentication. This

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Azure Multi Factor Authentication

Identity as a security perimeter When using services available from anywhere, like cloud services, the security risk associated with user credentials increases drastically. In an on-premise infrastructure, companies are protected by the physical perimeter and attackers are forced to either physically connect to the on-premises network or overcome obstacles like

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