ADMX files

This is an updated version of one of our very old articles ADMX files available Also take a look at this post about How to create and manage the Central Store for Group Policy Administrative Templates in Windows And now we are talking policies – I would like to recommend

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Administrative Templates (.admx) for Windows 10

Microsoft has now released ADMX files from Windows 10 as a downloadable file. Administrative Templates (.admx) for Windows 10 When I compare the downloaded ADMX files with my Windows 10, the following files are changed a bit: settingsync.admx PreviousVersions.admx And these are brand new: DeliveryOptimization.admx fileservervssagent.admx gamedvr.admx grouppolicypreferences.admx grouppolicy-server.admx mmcsnapins2.admx

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Group Policy settings in Windows 10

Microsoft has released new Excel spreadsheet with information’s about the Group Policy settings in Windows 10. You can filter settings so you are able to see only new policies or for example only Microsoft Edge settings. Group Policy Settings Reference for Windows and Windows Server These spreadsheets list the policy

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Choose a reason that best describes why you want to shut down

In some environments I really don’t want this message when trying to shut down or restart a Windows server. Luckily we got a GPO setting that can remove this prompt. Computer Configuration – Policies –Administrative Templates – System – Display Shutdown Event Tracker Setting this to Disabled will remove the

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Internet Explorer and no access to Security tab

Some times I find my self working on a machine with administrative rights but Internet Explorer Security tab has been removed by a Group Policy. For testing only I really need to add an address to the trusted zoned. Because of my local administrative rights I am able to temporary

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Folder Redirection on Windows 8.1 stops working

You might find yourself in a situation where Folder redirection on Windows 8.1 does not apply anymore. If the redirected folder is not already on the share it is not created. Apparently, there is no errors in the event log, but event ID 1012 might be there: Folder Redirection configuration

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Recent Items and Jump lists

On Windows 7 you might not want your users to be able to see the recent opened documents in the start menu. Or in the jump list of the program. And finally nor in the application as shown here: One way to deal with this is to clear the history

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Windows 8.1 Boot to Desktop GPO

In Windows 8.1 we have an option to boot windows directly to the desktop (desktop mode). Right click on the taskbar and select Properties. Select the Navigation tab and under Start screen, check the first option that says When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go

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Default Domain Controllers Policy and Default Domain Policy

This is one of the old ones, I have never had the time to blog. I some situations you might find you self in so big trouble that you would like to recreate the original Domain and Domain Controllers policies. This is possible with the command DCGPOFIX As an

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Windows can display enhanced device icons ….

Yet another popup we might want to hide In Devices and Printers you can see the information Windows can display enhanced device icons and information from the internet. in order to remove / disable this information we can use a Group policy Computer Configuration – Policies –Administrative Templates – System

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Speed up browsing by disabling add-ons prompt

You might see this prompt in Internet Explorer 9. Speed up browsing by disabling add-ons. If you don’t want your users to see this question, one way to remove it is to create a Group Policy (GPO). This is one setting that can be controlled in both the Computer and

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Set up Internet Explorer 9 Pop-up

The first time you start internet Explorer 9 for a new user you will se this popup. The user has the choice to select between Use recommended security and compatibility settings or Don’t use recommended settings. It might be a god idea to skip this popup for all users. On

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Shortcuts based on group membership

The goal in this case is to create shortcuts on the start menu or desktop, for users who is member of a Active Directory group. If the user later is removed from the group the shortcut must also be removed. This can be achieved in many ways but one way

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ADMX files for Windows 7

Here are some ADMX/ADML files you might be missing in your PolicyDefinitions folder on Windows 7, but need them for your Central Group Policy Store. Search.admx Windows search feature must be installed after installation search.admx and adml will be available in the policyDefinitions folder. ShapeCollector.admx Tablet PC Components feature must

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ADMX files available

In this post I will list the ADMX/ADML files I am aware of. Some of them I have used in my daily work , there are properly many more so let me know if you know other ADMX files and I will update the list. Product Download Link/Information Link Office

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Encountered an error while parsing in GPMC

After updating the ADMX files in you central store, you might see this error in GPMC: Encountered an error while parsing. Expected one of the following possible element(s) This error is for example seen if you try to open the administrative template node from a Windows 2008 server but your

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Create a central Store for GPO administrative templates

Update 18-11-2015 Looks like the ADMX files for the 1511 update has almost the same problem as the last time: If you previously has copied ADMX files for Windows 8.1 you might see this error: Namespace ‘Microsoft.Policies.WindowsStore’ is already defined as the target namespace for another file in the store.

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