How to execute code remotely, from the cloud.

Part 1 – Using a hybrid connection in Azure App Service Introduction In this new series we will cover how to safely and securely execute code remotely on physical devices, from the cloud.! Even though most organizations are talking about cloud adoption and transformation, the reality is, that most organizations

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Feeding the Beast: Data Ingestion with Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel is a cloud-native security information and event management (SIEM) platform that enables organizations to collect, analyze, and respond to security events across their enterprise (for an introduction please see the first post in this series). Data ingestion is a critical component of the Sentinel platform, as it allows

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How to manage servers using Azure Arc – Part 4

Enable Change tracking and inventory from Azure ARC Introduction To be able to see inventory and change tracking information when we have added our non-Azure machines to Azure ARC, we must enable the change tracking and inventory solution on our Log Analytics workspace. This will give us an insight into

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Break the glass med MFA

Sorry new guy in the class, didn’t read the memo, so my first blog post is in Danish. 🙂 Jeg arbejdede fornyeligt for en kunde hvor der skulle bruges Hardware tokens i Azure AD. I “gamle” dage før vi alle fik en mobil telefon, var det jo den mest almindelige

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Report changes in Microsoft Intune

In this blog post I will describe how you easily can help yourself and your management to know if someone changed configurations or apps in your Microsoft Intune environment.Many of my customers do have more than one administrator. With a modern way of working “Hybrid work” we sit at different

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Report risky signins past 24 hours

Identity theft is a major concern for most companies. Complex Conditional Access rules/setups may unintentionally leave accounts without multifactor authenticaton. Another aspect of this “not following up” on the technical security features that is set up, is that every day tasks tends to take precedence over tasks that has an

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Creating a computer group as a function

Introduction To use Machine Groups in our Automation Account inventory we must first create a group by saving a kql query as a function. Requirements – Azure Subscription – if you do not already have a subscription, you can get a free trial here – Log Analytics workspace configured (See

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How to manage servers using Azure Arc – Part 3

Part 3 – Update management Introduction In the previous post we created a log analytics workspace and automation account. Now it is time to configure update management for our Azure Arc enabled machines.     Overview of the series: · Part 1 – Enabling Azure Arc · Part 2 –

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How to manage servers using Azure Arc – Part 2

Part 2 – Fundamental’s (Log Analytics workspace and Automation Account) Introduction Azure Arc relies on other Azure services to be able to manage machines. Particularly Log Analytics and Automations Accounts. So, to take advantage of management features like Update management, change tracking etc. we must setup a Log Analytics workspace

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How to manage servers using Azure Arc part 1

How to manage servers using Azure Arc part 1 Introduction In this new series we will cover how to manage your server environment using Azure Arc. But first, what is Azure Arc? Azure Arc is the place to manage your servers if you are allowed to have them internet connected.

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How to configure Windows 365 Enterprise Azure AD join

Windows 365 Enterprise Azure AD join – Microsoft Hosted Network.   Introduction Many of us have been waiting for native Azure AD join for Windows 365 Enterprise since its release in August 2021. But wait no longer! The native Azure AD join support has finally become a reality. In this

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How to secure Windows 365 using a FIDO2 security key

Secure your Windows 365 Cloud PC(s) with Conditional Access and FIDO2 security keys. Introduction We have already written about FIDO2 security keys on several occasions (I will add the links below), which has inspired me to see how I could secure Windows 365 using Conditional Access and a FIDO2 security

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Intune multi app kiosk mode using the new Microsoft edge

Introduction This is my notes while playing around with kiosk. I was testing the brand-new Kiosk setting for the new Microsoft Edge and the only result I got out of that was a non-working device. Eventlog saying MDM Session: Failed to get AAD Token for sync session User Token: (Unknown

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