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To Multitenant or not to Multitenant?

Microsoft in recent months has made leaps and bounds to support Multitenant organizations utilizing Cross-tenant Synchronization to attempt to build a seamless end-user experience. Have they succeeded? Almost! Let’s take a look in this last blogpost of the year. Why even have multiple tenants? In a perfect world, every organization

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Unleashing Control and Efficiency with Intune Custom RBAC Roles

Why do we need Role based access controls (RBAC)? In the dynamic world of modern IT management, the need for fine-tuned control and enhanced efficiency has become more crucial than ever. Microsoft Intune, a powerful cloud-based solution, empowers organizations to streamline their endpoint management and secure their devices, applications, and

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Remote Help just became more secure

Microsoft Remote Help is a powerful tool that allows users to get technical support and assistance from your company’s IT Pros without leaving the comfort of their own homes or offices. With Microsoft Remote Help, users can connect remotely to a support technician who can troubleshoot, diagnose, and solve technical

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Break the glass med MFA

Sorry new guy in the class, didn’t read the memo, so my first blog post is in Danish. 🙂 Jeg arbejdede fornyeligt for en kunde hvor der skulle bruges Hardware tokens i Azure AD. I “gamle” dage før vi alle fik en mobil telefon, var det jo den mest almindelige

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Non-Destructive PIN reset

When we use Windows Hello for Business and a user forgets the PIN, it can be reset directly from the sign-in page. By default, this will be a destructive PIN reset, the existing PIN, and underlying credentials, including any keys or certificates added to their Windows Hello container, will be

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Windows Hello for Business Cloud Trust

We have a lot of customers who use Windows Hello for Business Azure AD joined Key trust. But now that Windows Hello for Business cloud trust is available (preview), we expect to see a move towards Cloud Trust, maybe this could also be interesting for your setup? Key trust is

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SharePoint integration with Azure AD B2B

When we share data In SharePoint with a user outside our directory, SharePoint will by default use a one-time code sent to the user so the user can verify their identity. This is also the case with OneDrive and if you do it from teams using open in SharePoint. But

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Group writeback in Azure AD

This time we will take a closer look at the new group writeback functionality in Azure AD. I really think this will open a lot of possibilities also on-premises. Prerequisites Azure AD Premium license Azure AD Connect version 2021 December release or later. Enable Azure AD Connect group writeback But

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Report risky signins past 24 hours

Identity theft is a major concern for most companies. Complex Conditional Access rules/setups may unintentionally leave accounts without multifactor authenticaton. Another aspect of this “not following up” on the technical security features that is set up, is that every day tasks tends to take precedence over tasks that has an

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How to configure Windows 365 Enterprise Azure AD join

Windows 365 Enterprise Azure AD join – Microsoft Hosted Network.   Introduction Many of us have been waiting for native Azure AD join for Windows 365 Enterprise since its release in August 2021. But wait no longer! The native Azure AD join support has finally become a reality. In this

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How to secure Windows 365 using a FIDO2 security key

Secure your Windows 365 Cloud PC(s) with Conditional Access and FIDO2 security keys. Introduction We have already written about FIDO2 security keys on several occasions (I will add the links below), which has inspired me to see how I could secure Windows 365 using Conditional Access and a FIDO2 security

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Identity Protection and guests

This time we will have a closer look at Identity Protection and possible impact for guest users (B2B collaboration users).   So in order to test this out we will create a Identity protection user risk policy requiring all users to change password if there risk is calculated to medium

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Passwordless using FIDO2 security key with HoloLens 2

Introduction Some time ago I was asked by FEITIAN if I would like to test their FIDO2 key. I said yes, because I am in a project where we will onboard Microsoft HoloLens’s in production, in that journey, we will make use of FIDO2 keys + Windows Hello for Business

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Intune multi app kiosk mode using the new Microsoft edge

Introduction This is my notes while playing around with kiosk. I was testing the brand-new Kiosk setting for the new Microsoft Edge and the only result I got out of that was a non-working device. Eventlog saying MDM Session: Failed to get AAD Token for sync session User Token: (Unknown

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Manage security polices directly from the cloud without co-management

Introduction When you use the Configuration Manager tenant attach scenario, you can deploy endpoint security policies from Intune to devices you manage with Configuration Manager. Prerequisites Tenant attach CMG (only if you need it to apply policies to internet based devices) Configuration Manager current branch version 2006 or later, with

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Windows and Office deployment lab kit

Introduction Microsoft just introduced an updated kit for IT pros to plan, test and validate deployment and management of desktops running Windows 10 Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise. This was earlier known as “Windows insider lab for Enterprise” or “Olympia”.   The lab will cover technologies: Microsoft Endpoint

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