Intune + Microsoft Store for Business app clean up the mess

Intune + Microsoft Store for Business app clean up the mess


If you like me have the urge to keep things clean and nice, then you must have come across the exact same situation that I am in. Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, Sway, Word Mobile which pr default will sync to your Intune environment once the Business store has been configured to sync.



  • Microsoft Store for Business
  • Intune and sync with above


Getting rid of the unwanted

When I open Intune and the sync has happened, it often looks like this. I want to clean up because I will never send out the apps marked below. Now normally I would click the 3 dots on the right and delete, but with synced apps from the business store it is another story. They are greyed out. So how do I get rid of these apps?



Go to

Click on your company name



We only have one collection. Click the 3 dots



Edit the collection



Now to make sure no one goes into the business store and see the same result as in Intune we remove the apps from the collection.

Click Done



To remove the apps from Intune sync, click Manage



Go to the Order history



Click on the order (the blue text)



Under Actions, click the 3 dots and press Refund






Click Ok


Go through same procedure for the rest of the apps you would like to clean up.



To see the immediate effect, we need to sync towards the Business store from within Intune.

Go to



Go to Connectors and tokens



Press sync and see the “Last sync” change to recent time. (you might need to move to another view and back to this view for it to update.)



If we go back to Apps, you will now see that we cleaned up



Now my OCD can relax, and I am happy with my app inventory for Windows in Intune.

Hope this helped you.

Happy testing!

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